CLICK is very fortunate that one of its major supporters also happens to own one of Vancouver’s most successful restaurants. Robbie Kane is the owner of Café Medina, located downtown on Richards Street, and for five years he has happily offered his restaurant free of charge as a venue for CLICK’s major fundraiser – the Dinner to Make a Difference.

For Robbie, giving back is a central and constant part of his life.

“Gratitude is my religion. Being grateful is very important to me,” he says.

Robbie credits his upbringing and his parents with teaching him the importance of giving back. His father regularly drove individuals who were blind to activities and Robbie often rode shotgun on these trips.

Growing up in Toronto, Robbie began working part-time in restaurants at 14, washing dishes and bussing and as a pizza maker. It was a good way for him to make extra money and later to also make money while travelling.

He says he eventually faced the fact he was “insane” and made the leap into the business full-time, eventually becoming a partner and an owner. “It’s a tough business but I’ve been lucky,” he says.

Mindful that his children are healthy and well fed, Robbie supports charities that are “kid-centric”. CLICK is a natural fit for his values. “The fact that there are kids – in a city as rich as ours – who are hungry is not acceptable,” he says.