A Special Sponsorship Opportunity… Celebrate with CLICK! 20 Years of Helping Vancouver Kids!

 This year CLICK is celebrating its 20th anniversary of making a big difference in the lives of children and youth living in poverty in Vancouver.

And CLICK is seeking Sponsors to mark this important milestone!

 CLICK will host a community celebration on May 14th, 2024 at beautiful Heritage Hall on Main Street in Vancouver. We invite Sponsors to join us in making this event unforgettable! We’ll be expecting 150 guests, including public officials, corporate leaders, educators and citizens. Our celebration will feature a keynote speech from a young adult who, with support, has overcome obstacles to become a secondary school teacher, inspiring others to reach for their dreams. It will be a unique opportunity to mingle with other Vancouverites and celebrate the amazing potential of young people in our city.

Be part of celebrating CLICK’s 20 years of transforming young lives!

For sponsorship opportunities, please email us at: contact@clicktokids.ca.

You can view our Sponsorship Invitation to learn more.