The sad and shocking news is that one in five children in BC lives in poverty – and more than half of them live in Metro Vancouver.

The good news is that donating to CLICK is one of the most effective ways to help children and youth living in poverty in Vancouver. That’s because CLICK knows where the need is and which programs really make a difference to kids.

CLICK is run entirely by volunteers – so 95% of your donation goes to programs helping inner city kids and only 5% to administration.

Since CLICK launched in 2004, we have directed over a million dollars to more than 600 different programs that give kids the skills, stability and belief in themselves that lead to a successful future.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor

By donating what you can afford – even $10, $20 or $30 a month – you are making a difference for kids living in poverty in Vancouver. They need support on a daily basis. They need healthy meals and snacks because hungry kids can’t learn. They need safe, supportive out-of-school care. They need the chance to play a sport or pursue the arts so they can find a passion and develop the confidence to go out into the world.

It’s easy to become a monthly donor. Just click on the option to donate by credit card below and look for the monthly donation option.

Three Ways to Donate

CLICK’S Canada Revenue Agency Charitable Registration Number: 86030 1886 RR0001